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WordPress Vocabulary Explained In Simple Terms For Beginners

WordPress is a powerful CMS which is being used by users, developers and WordPress professionals to build numerous professional websites and blogs. For those who have no knowledge about WordPress web building, can easily get online with WordPress. But, they may find difficulties regarding WordPress vocabulary since they are unaware of the terms. So, this article will help those people who want to know the terminologies associated with WordPress.

WordPress Front End And Back End

Front End of VWThemes
Front End of VWThemes website

You come across the words, Front end and Back end usually in WordPress vocabulary. When a visitor comes to your site, actually he is viewing the front end of your website. The front end is nothing but that part of your WordPress website which a web user sees on visiting your site.

WordPress Back End
WordPress Back End

On contrary, that part of your website where you perform all the coding is called as the back end. It’s the part from where you manage your website’s content and designing. After logging into your WordPress website, you enter the back end of your site which is nothing but the dashboard or the admin panel.

WordPress Theme

VW Fitness WordPress Theme
VW Fitness WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme is yet another term included in WordPress vocabulary. The front end design or the skin of your website or blog is known as a theme. Through a WordPress theme, you can customize almost everything about your website. It offers features such as content layouts, fonts, appearance, color schemes and more. Furthermore, there are Free as well as Premium WordPress Themes and it’s completely up to you what you prefer to choose. While building a blog, you need to get a WordPress theme on which you can do the styling for your blog. In future, you can even change the theme if you are not happy with it. WordPress itself offers a variety of Free WordPress Themes. Also, there is a child theme and parent theme interrelated with each other. You can use a child theme if you want to make changes in the actual coding.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Basically, the CSS and HTML are programming languages used for building websites. However, a blogger can use page builder WordPress plugins without putting hands into the coding part. If you use Premium WordPress Themes offered by VWThemes, you can easily build a customized website without writing even a single line of code.

jQuery is a quick JavaScript library used to simplify the process of HTML document manipulation for WordPress designers and developers. It’s not necessary for a blogger to go deep in these terminologies, but they should be aware of them as these terms are generally used in the context of themes, plugins, and other WordPress features.

Bootstrap is a well-known framework for HTML, CSS, and JS used to develop websites. It is useful for making mobile-friendly websites very easily. It’s a good start point to begin developing a WordPress website.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins
Installed WordPress Plugins

WordPress vocabulary includes WordPress plugins on a regular basis and you must know about them. The WordPress plugins are a kind of software used to incorporate additional features to extend the functionality of a website. There are ample of WordPress plugins such as the contact form plugin and image gallery plugin to include in your WordPress website. VWThemes offers some unique WordPress plugins which can add new functionalities to your WordPress site.

WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets
WordPress Widgets

A WordPress widget is stated as a tiny block dedicated to performing a particular function. For example, a weather widget and a conversion box are widgets. Basically, they are used for the sidebars and footer section of a website. Moreover, WordPress dashboard offers a drag and drop feature which is helpful in easily adding or removing the widgets. You can extend them using plugins or they can be specified according to a particular theme.


Shortcode to display Contact form

WordPress vocabulary mentions about shortcode which is a small snippet of programming instructions which can be inserted on any web page within your site. They serve to be the shortcuts for you to display a certain functionality on any page, thereby reducing your time and work.

Responsive website

Mobile Responsive Website
An Example of Mobile Responsive Website

A responsive or mobile-friendly website means that it completely fits any mobile or say handheld devices. It adjusts to any screen size, be it a desktop, laptop or tablet. In this age of web development, mobile responsiveness has become a standard to follow.


A permalink is a URL or the permanent link for a web page. It is the web address of a web page or post which you sometimes share with people. That part of a permalink which shows the name of a post can be called as a slug. It tells what the post is all about. By default, WordPress takes the title of a post as the slug. However, if you want, you can edit the slug. The highlighted part in the given image shows the slug.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most commonly used terms in WordPress vocabulary and is a very important concept to know. Search engine optimization or SEO is responsible to bring your website at higher search engine rankings. Proper SEO of your site can bring lots of visitors on your site which may turn into potential leads. Furthermore, SEO involves the use of keywords, meta descriptions, categories, tags and many other things.


A slider consists of multiple images in a slideshow manner. One image appears for a small duration and then it slides away and introduces the next image. Additionally, the sliders may have content, call to action button or links redirecting to any page within the site. WordPress offers numerous slider plugins which you can take for your WordPress site.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article covered the most common terms used in WordPress vocabulary. Now, as you are familiar with WordPress terminologies, you can write your blogs or work on your WordPress website more confidently. If you are still finding difficulty regarding WordPress, write to us, we’ll help you out. Particularly, we are engaged in offering a bunch of unique and multi-purpose WordPress themes to build stunning websites. So, what are you waiting for? Grab our themes now!

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